Save the World by practicing basic math functions, like multiplication table, adding.

If you have any question or comment, please let me know here or on Discord.

On the left and right, select a number so that the end result of the product is equal to the value of the bomb. This will destroy the bomb.
Provide the 2 digit end result of multiplication.
Provide the 2 digit end result of adding.

Get as many points as possible.


1. Mouse (click on the digits on both side separately)
2. Keyboard (left side: normal digit keys, right side: keypad digits)


Health bar vector created by upklyak -


Updated 7 days ago
StatusIn development
GenreEducational, Shooter
Made withGameMaker
Tags2D, GameMaker, laser, learn, learning, Math, multiple, Space, teach
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Mouse

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This is great!  Are you still working on this?  If so, a couple of feature requests:

  1. Update the settings for the webgl version of the game so that it runs in profile orientation.  (This is super trivial to do!)
  2. Options for speed or ramp up speed as the game progresses.  Kid is still learning these math facts but is frustrated by the pace.

Love it, thanks!

Thanks for your kind feedback.

To be honest I am not actively working on this, but can update or correct it if needed.

1. This little game was created for mobile, so the orientation was considering such devices, I agree it is not optimal for desktop version.
2. Pace might require some balance for kids, but I am not sure if that would not be boring in the beginning... Anyway, I will keep that feedback in mind, Thanks.


Muy bueno pero no me se las tablas de multiplicar, agregar que te diga el resultado al chocar la bomba podría ayudar a aprender.

I hope you find this small game usefull.


great idea :) reminds me of old educational software from my youth. BBC Micro etc.

love this.


Thanks. :)