Shelter among levels

We are working on a "shelter" which would be usable as a base among the levels.  Apart from the general settings you will be able to select and improve your weapons, get some info about the met creatures and some others surprises in mid term. To help these functions to be real in-game functions just please support us. Eg. to play (or download and play) our game, showing us your interest. Thanks.

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I think that's an awesome idea, especially being able to have some info on the encountered creatures. Is it like being able to see the creature's stats? (e.g. how much each type enemy have on attack, defense, speed, etc.)

Looking forward to more major updates, then definitely gonna play it again :)


Thanks for positive feedback, it keeps us motivated to add new features. Actually I am working on a "feamework", to have this shelter part of the game, and as a next step a details will be added (like an alien info panel), step by step.

Some "story" about creatures, and for sure some info about their performance.

New public update is expected to be ready on next week Monday. ;)