I got some questions and request to explain how the Fake 3D is working. 

I have used an other (free) asset on Yoyo market place as the basis, moreover I learnt a lot from GameMaker community via forums, free asssets and YouTube tutorials, I might be able to give something back and provide a simple but maybe useful things to GM:S users  who are new at this area.

Do not expect a complete game or whatelse :), I know there are lot of possibilities to improve, it is an interesting solution instead of setting 3D stuffs directly.

It might be interesting who are not familiar with 3D at all (like me), but want to have an old style but fancy effect. 

It is not a Sprite Stacking just to draw a top side shifted and draw a transformed sides of the building.

Basically I have modified that asset on certain portions to match with my needs.

It is not perfect yet but at least seems to be working with my truck game what is still in prototype. Here you can check: Truck game

Feel free to share your questions on suggestions.

Assets what can be used instead of built in draw_sprite_pos for better effect:

Draw Sprite Skewed

Draw Sprite Pos Fixed

And would be very happy if you let me (and others) know what you could make out of it. Feel free to comment your project below.


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Perhaps vector based movements would be better for a truck game.

In fact I am using the built-in phísics in the truck game. For this asset I applied the movement just to show the perspective effect.

The perspective effect looks great. Great work ^_^=b

Thank you! :)