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2D top-down view truck driving and cargo transport with tycoon elements game.

It is under development now, actually working on movement part of the code. Please see the devlog for details (text and video)

Core gameplay elements: 

  1. Drive in the city, complete tasks, collect money  -> random maps
  2. Race in different tracks against AI (bots) -> fixed maps with variable environment
  3. Build a simple economy to be able to earn money in the game while you do what you want :) -> fixed map for your HQ

Development in the game

  • truck development tree (level, type)
  • different trailer for different goods
  • player development (Xp based)

Potential improvements for the future

  • drive between the cities (different type of mini-game)
  • hire guys to pass repeating-boring tasks

 Ideas, suggestions are welcomed! :)


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Early-bird supporters have a high trust and contribution to make this game released. As a reward you will have a direct access to the available versions.

Early supports will be spent on game assets in 100% ratio, especially for graph.


Supporters will have a right to give a name (if it is not against any rules) to 1 of the NPC (so far AI racer trucks) or Race track. Qty will be increased when more is available.

You will get access to the following files when they are released:


Development log

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