#01 - project kick-off

As this is a concept phase, I start to wirte a devlog for myself. :)

I just plan to keep it maintained here in about monthly freq.

Aug-September / 2021, just started a top-down truck driving game in GameMaker studio 2.x.

At first I used a conventional methods, like 2D speed, direction, collisions; but based on it sexperience and suggestion of GameMaker community I gave a try for built in Box2D physics engine... 

...so I had to rewrite the code completely. I used a simple car physics code from Yoyo marketplace as a start to save some time and learn more about basics. 

1st of October I come to the working version in phsics world. You can move the truck, connect / disconnect trailers, collide with wall and obstacles like orange cars. 

I am still not fully satisfied with can movement, no real drifting yet, but it is a good start. 

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