#07 - Truck game development - Fake 3D


I have decided to make a realtively big step forward regarding the overall graphics.

Fpr the style of my game and considering limitations of my codeing I have choose and 'fake 3D' solution.

By searching on forums and tutorials I found some useable stuff what I could combine and customized to my need. Still not on the perfect level, but I am happy to see in work like this. I need to throw away the tile based map of buildings and continue with sprites texture. But anyway, it is already fun to drive in the city and listening a great in-game music. :) 

Music: Steve Blaze http://stevebasemusic.com

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Hey! This looks amazing! Its such a good effect for simulating a 3D look. I'm working in Game Maker also, would you be happy to share what forums and places you used as a reference for your starting place with this? Also was it hard to use sprites for the side of the buildings?

Hey, thanks for the feedback. I have just released a free project file about fake 3D update.

Maybe it can be interesting for you.